Friday, September 7, 2012

The Result.

This morning I woke up I realized that my face is not as oily as usual days. This is the visible result I got after I put on Rachel K's mask. =))

Before the mask,
My face was red due to facial session in the afternoon. :X
I hope Rachel K's mask could help me reduce the redness on my face. X___X

Put on the mask. =)
Well, the mask has already torn a bit while on its way to my house so I couldn't cover my face fully with the mask (Plus, my forehead is so high and big. :X)

Want to see the result?? ....

Tada!! This is the result. =D
I feel my skin is smoother and it does help to reduce redness on my face!
Thank you, Rachel K Hydrogel Mask!! It works wonder! I also realized that my pores are smaller though y'all cannot really see the results here (sorry for my low-end camera. :X). I'm going to invest in their masks! =D

Wanna look young? It's not a problem with all the technologies now. There's a chinese saying, "世上没有丑女人,只有懒女人“ That means there's no ugly woman, there's only lazy woman! Start to pamper your skin now if you want glow and radiant skin! =D

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