Monday, May 28, 2012


What could have been messier during study week?
May I present to you the messiest table among of.. all girls? Whatever.
Yea. I know. It's like shit! >.<
Anyone's study table is messier than me? Leave a comment. wtf. But, I saw some people (girls included), their table are really messier than the above one! No lie. It's truth.

Starting from this week, it's my school's study week. Well, I'm glad that they make the 14th week of school days as study week. Well, it really do help a lot for some lazy people like me, give us time to prepare for the FIRST paper. Not only the table is messy, the owner of the table, ME, iz also very messy! Often tie up my hair into a bun like an aunty. Examinations really ruin our wonderful life!

My June Calender 2012!
The words in blue are my examination dates and the shortest I've written is my facial appointment at Mary Chia. ^O^

Well, before I end my post, I sincerely wish all my coursemates and my juniors and my seniors "Good Luck in your exams!" :))

(P/S: I'm so looking forward for the two gatherings in June! =D)

Friday, May 25, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S3 finally arrived in Malaysia!!

Everyone has been talking about Samsung Galaxy S3 lately! Many have said that their screen is so big that they suggest Apple should improve their iPhone for bigger screen. Well, I have not seen S3 yet because it is just launched yesterday night, but I can see that the screen is really big through pictures! Don't believe me? See it for yourself. =D

See the screen! Wider and longer than S2!
And the specs are way cooler than S2, with 8MP camera, auto focus, LED flash! It has two colors, pebble blue or marble white! The largest internal storage is 64GB, the latest Android OS vs 4.0.4 (Ice Cream Sandwich) what a cute name! ^O^ I wonder how Android comes out with the cute name every time they got new OS.

I think most of you know the specs of S3 more than me, so what are you waiting for? Now DiGi is having a great deal for y'all! Pre-order the new #DiGiSamsungS3 with the DG SmartPlan from RM999 and get FREE delivery! It is less than RM1000!! All you have to do is click the link here-->Great deal in Digi for S3! and complete the form! It's as easy as ABC! =D You won't want to miss this chance to get it only at RM999!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

I love TAOBAO!

I can tell that I love Taobao so much at least for now. Fyi, Taobao is like a ebay online shopping thingy, is just that Taobao is China version and it's all in Chinese words. So, those who don't know Chinese, I'm sorry. But. Taobao is really a good place for girls who like shopping (online) and hunt for cheap stuff! =D This place is like heaven!!

I know I'm a bit late to fall in love with Taobao, it's because the price listed in Taobao is all in RMB (China dollar) and I don't know how to place order! How if the stuff is cheap but when courier fee to Malaysia is expensive? Then, what for I buy from Taobao, I can get elsewhere outside which is way cheaper!

So, one day I saw a Facebook shop 蕾丝娃娃の小铺 posted that the we can order Toabao stuff from her!! OMG!!! This is a great deal!! Finally I can find someone to help me place order from Taobao!! The first thing I wanna buy is my phone cover! I can hardly find my HTC Explorer phone cover, I don't know why. ~.~ Maybe because the phone has no demand. wtf.

I approached the owner of the shop aka Taobao agent in Malaysia! =D There're quite a few Taobao agents, but I found her! And, she's a nice person. =)

I received my phone cover and I'm very satisfied with it!! The covers look exactly the same as in the pictures! I'm happy!! =D Well, you know some of the actual thing we received might not be the same as we see online. That means I can trust Taobao!! =D Silly me, if not, how can do till so HIT! wtf.

I wanted to change a new pencil case. I search everywhere and can't seem to find one that I think it's pretty or cute. So, I think of Taobao. There goes my second purchase from Taobao! =D And, the stuffs I bought are in my hand now! *excited* Wanna see what I've bought? Scroll down!

A pencil case which I longing for since don't know when. ^O^
Hello Kitty pencil case!! *EXCITED!!!*
I was jumping around when I saw this!! GOSH!!!
But, I've made a wrong decision. I shouldn't buy white color. :'( Now, I tak sampai hati want to use it. pfftt!

Guess what's the next thing? ^.^
Sweet bracelet right!!! I love this so much!!
This bracelet has been my target since I first saw it few months back! I love the light pink!! I should have dyed my hair pink too wtf! I like the accessories too! Match so well! ^.^V
I didn't camwhore with the bracelet because of the stress I faced these few days, ~. ~ and my face is so terrible now! :'( Really need a facial session. TT_________TT

I bought three things in total. And the last one would be, a necessity for me. ^O^
Guess what's this?
A makeup box!!
Sometimes when I go travel, I would bring my makeup stuff along, and due to the reason that I like to buy makeup stuffs, I need a box to put my makeup stuffs so that I won't misplace it!

Satisfy with these products!! =D And, it's useful for me!! Taobao agent, thank you once again for helping me to get these good stuffs! I will order more from you, and so, my readers (erhem..) if you want to order stuffs from Taobao, you can message this girl in FB, Huey Yee. You can ask her questions if you have doubt, but please don't ask repeated questions again and again. Thank you for your cooperation! ;D

Last thing I wanna share is Brands Outlet in Paradigm Mall (new mall in Kelana Jaya) is having 4 days special (24-27th!), they're selling all the short skirts and short pants at only RM9!!!!!!!! And, other apparel with low price!!! So, go grab them before you miss the promotion!! ^O^

Thursday, May 17, 2012


SAYS BIRTHDAY GIVEAWAY gives you AWESOME prizes that you will scream your lungs out!!
People who love to take photo,  this is for you!!
Panasonic Lumix DMS-FZ40!!
People who are crazy over LV, this is for you!!
Louis Vuitton bag!1
For the fans of Apple products, this is for you!!
The new iPad!
People who would like to change a new phone, this is for you!!
Samsung Galaxy S3!!
Girls who like shopping, this is for you!
Worth RM500 MNG Gift Card!
AND, many other awesome prizes more!

All you have to do is click the link below:
and SIGN UP with your Facebook account to participate! That's simple, how hard could it be?

They are giving out the prize for 30 days and now it's just the second day today!
Get your cursor ready to click the link above!! =D
Good luck! ;)

Sunday, May 13, 2012



我爱你。<3 :*

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

INSTAGRAM Camera? Cool!!

ADR-Studio is making the Instagram Apps in Iphone/Androids to a real camera! How cool is that??

Instagram Apps is now so popular among the Iphone/Android users. They can share their photos worldwide. I like the effect that Instagram provided. Plus, I personally like the Instagram icon very much, because it gives me the vintage feel and it looks cool! Imagine it becomes a real life camera!! I'd be the first one to buy!!! =DD I hope it really becomes real. But, according to rumors, the ADR-Studio has to go through Facebook first if they want to make it real. Please, Facebook, I beg you!! Please approve this idea!! If you approve this, I guarantee you, this is going to be a BIG HIT than Facebook!! =DD

This whole new, innovative idea comes from ADR-Studio, an Italian company. They named this project as Instagram Socialmatic Camera. For a moment, I think it's some sort of like Polaroid camera. But, this is way cooler than Polaroid camera! =D It has 16 GB mass storage, it has WiFi and Bluetooth, that means you can share your pictures immediately after you snapped and edited to Facebook and to your friends!! Why I say it looks like Polaroid it is because you can print out the pictures you captured! It's definitely going to be one of mine if they really make it real!!

You can read more information here -> Instagram Socialmatic Camera!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Hair Colours.

These are hair the few hair colours that I wanted to try.
haha! Okay, maybe not this.
Later my mom would said since when I gave birth to a unicorn. ~.~
Haha. This is actually nice.
I won't put too much colours on my hair, it will spoil my hair! TT____TT
This is okay but it is still not my favourite.
Here comes the colour that I wanted to dye the most!
I like this lilac!
Even though my favourite colour is pink,
but lilac/violet/purple would be my second fav colour!
I wanted to dye my hair pink just like Xiaxue but I'm just too chicken to do it because the colour is just so shocking and plus my salon does not have pink colour. Just forget about it. Then I choose lilac! =D That's also the hair colour that Xiaxue just did!
So nice! I hope if I really dye, I hope my outcome would be this nice.  #prayhard

I've considered this too!
Blonde with pink dip-dyed.

Blonde with green dip-dyed.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


I have to think positively and work hard to achieve my goal. If you think that it'd work then it'd! Try hard, hard and hard. No giving up. All you can do is move on. Failure makes you learn. Improve yourself. Think positively. Attempt every steps. Hwating! I can do it!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Hi, May!

Yay!! Today is the last day of April! =D
Time flies! :O It's like yesterday was my first day of school, just in a blink eye, it comes to last day of April!
All major assignments will be due next month, I guess it's a busy and hectic month for all college students. Hwating, everyone!! XOXO

Well, I'm going to blog the wedding dinner in this post! Imma gonna constantly update ma blog!! Bwahaha! So stay tuned! ;)) And, and, and!! I ordered quite a few things from taobao!! So happy! =DD I found some bracelets that are wayyyyy cheaper than online shops!! My hard work of searching cheap stuff paid off! =DD

Nice or not??
Or you prefer this look?
This is the second look.
Guess which look I finally chose? =D
No prizes given though if you guess correctly. ~.~
You'll know when you keep scrolling down.
Well, since I've already dressed up so,..
Now you know what my decision was. =D

It's a bit dark, I adjusted the ISO.
sorry, I'm not a pro camera man yet.


I like this feel though. :D
Let's head to wedding dinner hall!
This is the first time I've been invited to attend a wedding dinner in KL.
As expected, the wedding dinner in KL usually starts one hour late than the time we've been informed x.x

Bride and bridegroom's dinner table. :)
Le entrance. :D
We're the first guest to arrive at the hall!! So proud! =D Get to see the empty hall. ~.~ And can run around like small kids.
Mayber Jie. :)

Le entrance again.
The guest signature book. You can also leave any wishes to the bride
& bridegroom.
I signed and wrote 祝你们白头偕老! =D

The photobook and signature book. :)

The camera is playing the video that's made by him for both of them.
And, he put "A Thousand Years" inside the video! XO
The picture in the wedding photobook. =D
I quite like it. ;D
They both look quite alike. :D
In chinese, we called夫妻相。
Bridemaids group photo. :D
Miss few more. They're too busy. >.<
Queue-ing up to sign. :D

More and more people now.

He also signed the book. :)

Mayber Jie signing. :D

Me and my boyfie's signature. :D
Isn't she cute? =O

Le first guest.

In the preparation room.
The makeup artist is doing the bride's makeup.
I didn't have much work to do so I sat at our table and waited for the dinner to start. :DD
Our table number. Lucky 2!

Me and boyfie. :)
And he superb like his pink shirt. ~.~

Sponge cake from RT Pastry. NICE! :D

Le menu. :)

Taiwan Pineapple cookie! =D
Nice!! I want more!! :')

This could be our cover photo. ~.~

Me and the pink Doraemon cover! :D

So awkward smile because I had twins mouth ulcer back and front.
~.~ Pain die me. I can't fully enjoy the dinner.

The dinner started one hour late. >.<
Both of them walking in the hall. :)

Oops. >.<

I like the gown actually. :)
Food pictures from now. :D Don't drool ya!
#1 Some abalone pieces, some fried food.. and so on. =D

#2 I... forgot what this was. >.< There's scallop inside.

HAHAHAHA! I forgot to take the before decorated picture. Sorry.
#3 It's roasted duck.

#4 Fish

I ordered red wine. :D

Red wine is good for skin complexion and blood circulation! =D
It's yam seng time!
Toast #1

Toast #2

Toast #3
#5 Fried prawn. :D slrrpp~~

Thanks dear, he's peeling off the prawn's shell for me! :D


Maybe Jie and Harriet Gor.


Fried rice.
Kanpai! =D

Yam seng!

Group photo of us!

Makeup artist.

Sisters. :)

Longan with lemon. NICE!
I miss it!!

Dessert. :)

I like both of the gown, pink and maroon.
I want to decorate my own wedding gown in future!


Sisters. :)

With le makeup artist. She's mixed! :D
Beautiful girl!


Let's go home! =DD
That's it. Gonna sleep soon. Been at the school for whole day, and tomorrow need to wake up to do my assignments. :'(

Oh yea, Goodbye April and ohai May!! =D Please be good to me, May. :DD It's like calling someone named May. :O

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