Friday, July 1, 2016


For now, I need some distraction.

Distraction would be good for me now.

Make myself busy and occupied, for instance, work full time, part time, blogging. This would be good for my mind to not think of emotional stuff.

Need moral and positive support.

No matter what, I will survive through this hard time! I will! People who is strong will succeed in the end! This is one belief that I'm holding on now!

You can do it!!!!!!!

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Nu Skin Journey

I have been introduced to Nu Skin through my colleague. She's a very beautiful and elegant lady and the most important thing is she doesn't look like her age. She's young at heart and looks young at the same time! She would be very happy I complimented her in my blog! haha. *Be so, Jamie! You won't see this rare phenomena often*

So one day we were sharing the beauty products she used. She told us that she had used a lot of skin care products before, SKII, Yves Rocher, Skin Food, Olay, but the one that doesn't make her skin worse was Skin Food. She then found out about Nu Skin. She uses their skin care for some years, and she is very happy of the products!

Nu Skin does not only consist of skin care products, it also provides health supplements.

Jamie introduced me to Nu Skin. After hearing out her stories about her weight loss management with Nu Skin, I decided to join this big family, STWW (Success Together Worldwide). This big family was founded by Rayne Ho and Angela Liew. They created this big family is to help people who is in need be it in financially or physically. Their main intention is to help people. They had helped themselves and now they would want to give back to society and create a better world.

Nu Skin is all about helping yourself and others. The ingredients they use in their products are all natural and non harmful to human and environment. Just like the slogan goes "All of the good, none of the bad;.

Nu Skin is all about revolutionary, changing the world. Anti-aging is the best selling point. Nu Skin creates products that will help people age gracefully and healthy at the same time. They create new products almost every 2 years. The products they created never failed to amaze people!

I have seen the result that Jamie had after she consumed Nu Skin's supplement. It was fabulous! So as other successful testimonials. I was amazed by the result that Nu Skin had given them!

Who would not want to age gracefully?

I will share more of the products in my next blog post. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Stay strong

Ahh.. finally found my way to login into my blog again! Forgotten my email and password to login.

Trying every email that I remembered. Finally.

3 years passed.

A lot of things happened within this month. So much of sadness and upset moments. I have to deal with it, I couldn't run away. I have to be strong, stand strong for my own decision. But, at least I got this blog of my own back. I'm glad! :)) Keep telling myself, put on a smile and move on and be strong!

Everyone will go through their hardship once in their lifetime. Now it's time to face mine.

Lately, I have joined STWW this big family. It's a family who's doing Nu Skin's distributors. I can say I am inspired by this big family. They teach me to think big, filter friends (negative ones), always mixed around people who can give positive energy to you. This is one true fact.

Me, who has no experience in using the products to start off the business is a bit tough journey for me. But I will persist no matter what! I believe my hard work will pay off.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Iron Man 3!!

Iron Man Finale!!

I watched Iron Man 3 twice!!

For my record, I watched Avengers three times!! The most watched movie in my life! The third time I watched was in a Beaniplex cinema room, so I was kinda dozed off but I managed to wake myself up!! O___O hahaha..

So sad that there's maybe no more Iron Man story! While the movie finished, I was quite anticipated to watch trailer. Usually, Marvel's movie will show us the next chapter's trailer. But this time, no new trailer for Iron Man 3! My bf damn sad. kaka. So I asked him, then will he appear in Avengers 2?? Then he said maybe will, maybe won't :'((( Sad! I haven't watched the first and second, but this one is a great one!! I like the plot, I like the costume, I like his girlfriend, I like the little kid, I like the background music (it's sounds so grand and heroic!!) In short, I like everything!! :D

Robert Downey, Jr. gets handsomer when he gets older! :O :O How can that be?? He is more charismatic now than when he's young!! :O :O I'm super super impressed with people who won't age even though they work under pressure! O___O

Iron Man 3 is about a powerful force is going to seek revenge on Iron Man! On the other hand, Tony Stark aka the Iron Man continues to upgrade/improve his Iron Man's suit! ^___^ Y'all know the ending! ;))) I super super like his last word: "You can take anything away from me, but you cannot take away from me is: I'm Iron Man!" *_____*

Monday, May 6, 2013

Mark this date

I need to see/watch/read something that will enlighten my mood! BN played dirty to win the election! DAP initially won the whole Perak (the place where I come from) initially 18-0, but later BN recounted the votes and they cut off the electricity!! What the hell is going on!! If you die die must win this election, you go announce yourself you're the king and stop this dramatic thing! You wasted citizens' effort go home just to vote for a change!!

C'mmon!! You're not gonna lose face if you lost. This time you won, but you've lost nation's respect and trust, is this what you want??? And, another thing! Please send back those Bangla. I don't mind if you give them money give them compensation or whatever, just don't keep Bangla here. I'm not trying to be racist or what, it's not safe to keep them here! Since you've won the election and I accepted that, please please please, please take good care of your country, keep your promise as in treat your citizens well not Bangla. -___- People, accept the fact, you can protest but please don't create war! We're civilized people, we don't solve problems this way. #prayhard

Alright, enough is enough. I shall put my focus on other thing. I haven't done my assignment and keep on procrastinating just because of the damn election. I have no mood to do my assignment. ://

Then I opened up my PICTURES folder in my laptop just to see any pictures that can enlighten my mood or not. Then I saw this "15.3.2013 Anniversary" folder. I realized I haven't blogged about it so here I am. :))

This is the anniversary's 主人公, Mandy and me。:D
We're definitely straight! Not lesbian. The term ANNIVERSARY is just a celebration when we first met each other and clicked! ;)) This is our 5th year! Time flies. T^T

She had just graduated and she's working now. Although we're not far apart, we seldom meet each other because of our busy routine. /.\ So, this ANNIVERSARY is now meant for our gathering just to catch up each other's life stories. :))

I decided on the venue :D I had it at Brussels Beer Cafe :D I've never been into there, so I want to give it a try. I took quite a number of pics but but but I lost my phone... :/// so all the pictures I have now are in my camera, I can just post few pictures here. After I sent my pictures to Mandy, she even collaged the pictures!! And photoshopped it nicely. So sad and mad coz the photoshopped pics were all in my camera!! grrr.. Lesson learnt!! Next time, every time after I take pictures, I go back and transfer alllll the pictures into the laptop!! Always learn it the hard way..

The interior of the cafe! ;))

Managed to capture the interior with my camera. :)) Not bad actually, the interior. It makes me wanna drink beer and just chit-chatting with old friends. *been craving on alcoholic drinks lately*

We ordered these,
My order. I forgot the name. >.< Sucks at memorizing the food name~~
It's spaghetti anyway.

Mandy ordered burger! :))
It's quite a large portion actually, so worth the price.

Both of us ordered coffee. Different coffee.
I think I ordered blended mocha and
she ordered blended latte/cappucino.

Mandy with her lovely food! :D
I don't have picture of me with my food. T^T Again, it's in my phone and Mandy's phone. We chatted more than we ate throughout the dinner. :DD Then she realized she had to catch a bus to go home, so we paid bill and I sent her (ran with her just because we scared that she might missed the last bus >.<) to bus stop! :)) Luckily she got into the bus in time. :)) keke

Sometimes, best friend need not to be together. Your actions show everything. :)) You can text, email, skype, LINE do anything to just greet your best friends and ask "How are you lately?" :) I'm sure your friends' heart will feel warm that you've not forgotten them! :)) That's how I feel.

Oh ya, I bought her a customized bracelet,

I bought one pair of this. One is for me, one is for Mandy. This obviously is mine because of the letter E, Mandy's one attached with a letter M. :)) You can find varieties of bracelet/customized bracelet at Crafted By Mei. Her work is awesome! :)) I'm gonna get my second customized bracelet from her soon! Mandy bought me a pair of sexy lips earrings and necklace! Thank you so much, Mandy!! xoxo

Saturday, May 4, 2013





我以前读中学时,玩在一块的也是自己同乡的朋友。不是你影响我,就是他影响她。意思就是说,大家互相学习。所以,觉得人跟人沟通就是那么容易。但,到处来外地读书了,就觉得,越来越多奇奇怪怪的人。/.\ 头几年还不怎么觉得,但后来交的朋友越多,就越来越觉得原来世上有那么多不一样的人们。

有些人是想安安静静混过去的人。就是所谓“你不犯我,我不犯你”。你犯了我,我也忍了,费事闹事情。这种人就会被社会说是宅男宅女。我老师说,"Quiet is not safe ah!" 安静只会让你被欺负,被说是非,被误会。所以,适当的时候,要学习替自己争口气,或者不爽时,就说出来。




Friday, May 3, 2013



前几天因为发生些事,所以emo了下。在回家的路上,经过指甲油店,Elianto,(回家的路上,会经过shopping mall,很炫吧!) 所以去看看有什么好看,我又没买过的指甲油。看了看,它除了好多pastel颜色的指甲油,超喜欢的!!!


粉青色!! Mint color!!

这季最流行的颜色! 我试涂时,也很喜欢这颜色。
另外,我还买了nail color remover。我的nail color remover刚好完了,所以买一罐苹果薄荷味道的nail color remover。^___^ 刚好也是粉青色! :D 它味道还算不错。

这次涂指甲油也是我最满意的作品! :D 因为这次是涂得最完美的一次,没占到手指印,没有说颜色涂得不均匀(虽然是还有一点一点啦),但我真的很满意自己的作品。哇咔咔!也让我好爱这颜色哦! :D



大考要到了,这段时间也是要交大assignment的时间了。要做的东西很多,但时间很少(因为时间都花去做无谓的事情)。我要加油才行了! :D 下线做功课了(但愿如此!!)!

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