Saturday, October 6, 2012

Wonderful night with the choirs!

My school choir has been so honored to be invited to perform in front of the Sunway's founder, Dato' Tan Sri Jeffrey Cheah. =D

And we heard good feedback from the guests! Woohoo! Will blog about it soon!

I shall go bath and go sleep. :'( Tomorrow having block teaching=classes on weekends! NOOOOO

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Have been busy with assignments lately. :X Just finished taxation law assignment today and it's kinda last minute work, I hope my hard work pays off and pass this assignment. xD

Celebrated my bff's birthday last month.
We went Pasta Zanmai for dinner. :))
Have been in love with Japanese food lately, craving for Japanese food almost... I shall not say everyday, but  at least twice per week. :X
Japanese food is healthy and nice!! =D
We ordered sets. Their sets are so nice!! Combination of rice and noddles. yum~~ <3
*I don't know what this called* -___-
All I know is this is so delicious~~
 We shared the food among ourselves. ;))
The soup was sweet and sour! I like it!!

Japanese curry chicken!

Fried rice. :)

I forgot how it tastes. wtf. but not bad also. :D
I like the soup, it's like chicken soup. hahaha!
Waiter came out with a birthday cake in her hand. :DD
Pandan flavored cake. Yums~
Age is woman's secret. shhhh. xP
Make a wish~~
Warning: You shall not tell what's your wish.
Nope, she didn't blow the candles. Coz she's celebrating with her family later.
According to tradition rules, one cannot blow candles if he/she's gonna celebrate birthday with family. :X
Our dessert. =)
I give this dessert a 6/10. Coz I don't like the crunchy crunchy fruit in there.
I don't know what's that. :X
The Japanese melon is awesome!! (Y)
WSP, Miss you much! Will see you soon!! xoxo

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