Saturday, June 23, 2012

Exam finished.

Exam is over! I'm heading back to hometown tomorrow. Mummy has already planned what to have for lunch! Yay! My sour spicy soup, fried mee and cauliflowers with mushrooms!

This afternoon went Paradigm Mall with Stephanie and her boyfie.

Finally I got to try the dessert at the famous Tong Pak Fu, a Hong Kong dessert shop. =))
Mango dessert.
Rating: 6/10
They have Lok Yu Dan. =D
Rating: 7/10
Stephanie and her boyfie, Kuan.
He just came back from Taiwan. ^O^
And.. a few shots of me. ^O^
Buh-bye, KL! See you 2 weeks later! =D
Imma gonna cut my fringe soon! =D
Stephanie and I. =))
Also, I tried out few clothes at Padini Concept Store. =D
Both are from P&Co.
I love this shirt! <3
Till then, buh-bye! =D

Friday, June 22, 2012

Sarah is back! ^.^

Annual gathering for four of us, Stephanie, Kar Yean, Sarah and me has been brought forward to June!! =D Sarah is back!! But just for one day. TT_____TT She's going to attend her brother's graduation in UK, she flew to Malaysia so that she can take the same plane with her parents to UK! Sarah, enjoy your time and shopping there!! Take lotsa pics ya!! Miss you!! XOXO

Sarah might not be coming back this year end, so we decided to bring forward our annual gathering. =)) At first, only Stephanie and I who will bring Sarah go kai kai. Then, Kar Yean said she's having break at this time and she can come KL to join us! Kar Yean, you so wei da!! Sarah! See, how much we love you!! :*:*

Sarah wants to fully use her one whole day in KL as she's not coming back this year end already, so she wanna shop/kai kai gao gao in KL!! Crazy woman! =DD This is Sarah!

Lemme introduce to you my BFF, Sarah!!
Isn't she pretty and cute?? =D
We picked her from KLIA at 8am. Same old Sarah, talkative and talks very fast! haha..

This is Kar Yean. ;))
Stephanie is the driver of the day! =D She has car and she knows the way to KL. Thank you, Stephanie! ^.^

The first place we visited that day was Pavillion. Sarah likes Pavillion a lot, so that would be the first place. I think now she won't miss Pavillion that much because she found that UK is much more fun to kai kai than in KL. I bet now she's having a good time visiting attractive places in UK and enjoying her shopping. ;))

And, and I bought them this bracelet! ;D
Guess which is one my hand! =D
I bought the colour according to their favourite colour! I hope they like it. Royal purple for Sarah and Stephanie (They both like purple!), red for Kar Yean and baby pink for me. ;)) Kar Yean wore red on that day so the bracelet suit her so much! ;D

She's wearing le bracelet. ^.^
Four of us! =D
Took this pic in Neway's car park in the middle of the night. @____@
We reached Pavillion and walked around for a while, Sarah and Kar Yean had gone for their gathering at Madam Kwan's. They met Madam Kwan in person! She's quite old and look very kind.

While Stephanie and I went Japanese Street. ^.^ This was first time been to Japanese Street in Pavillion.

The entrance. LOL. ~.~
I thought Japanese Street would be quite big and many to shop. It's smaller than I expected but we're still having our good time there. :))
Le street.
I found one set of Hello Kitty perfume only at RM130++ if I'm not wrong. =DD Will go back when my financial is stable enough!! =DD The set included one Hello Kitty key chain, Hello Kitty perfume and... I forgot. It's so cheap and worth it. I wanna take a picture of it but this is prohibited so yea... >___<

Our selca. ^.^
Stephanie look tired due to exam. The exam is torturing us.

I makeup so that I won't look like a zombie too. >___<

Ochado! Well, this time we sort of bought the right flavor. >__>
Lolol. Ochado is not in this pic.
I really need to improve on my selca skills.
Winter melon tea with ____ bubble.
I've forgotten the bubble name. >___>
Off we went to take some pics at Japanese Street with fake Sakura tree. wtf.
Saw this booth at Japanese Street.
Tokyo Street. ^.^
 Next time imma gonna visit the real Tokyo Street !;D

She is cho cute!! hahaha!! XOXO
My turn! =D
This anime is so cute. Sigh, where got anime not cute one. >__>
Me ler? :P


Nothing to pose already. @_____@
Anime celebrity. =D
Their expressions are so cute!!
Fake sakura flower. @___@
Why no Korean Street? xP
Some selca of us. I purposely make up that day so must take more pictures! =DD

Haha. Funny and cute face of Stephanie. ^O^
Whee. xD

My pretty selca. *erhem..*
I accidentally took this pic. ^O^V
The girl in the mirror. Fuiyoh!
The lady in the mirror. ^O^
Sat at Coffee Bean while waiting for Kar Yean and Sarah. ^___^
Fringe suit me better than side bang. TT___TT
Caffe latte?? @___@
Or cappucino? I've forgotten what Stephanie ordered.
After that, we went to Fahrenheit 88. We didn't buy anything due to the packed schedule. We planned to go back Sunway around 3-4pm.

The trio.
Le fountain.
Looks quite unique to me. lolol.
You're apple of my eye. lolol!!
Two farm girls. xDD
The big and busy city.
When we're about to leave Fahrenheit 88, we heard that Fahrenheit 88 gave out free gifts. So, we headed to the highest floor of Fahrenheit 88.

When we reached, we saw this. :O

We also saw a lot of people queueing up to play this game. Basically, we have to hit the blue to win a make up pouch (Stephanie and Sarah each got one! =D), hit yellow to win RM150 cash voucher, hit the red to win grand prize. I don't remember what's the grand price. Stephanie won a purple make up pouch and she gave it to me!! It's her favourite colour royal purple. :')) Thank you, Stephanie!
Discussing strategy. xD
Cheers. ^_____^
I really hope that we can meet again. xoxo
I like this feel. =D
We got back to Sunway, Sarah went to her friend's house to settle down for a while to put her luggage and stuff and me, Stephanie and Kar Yean went Pyramid first. =) We had Dragon-I for our dinner. Sarah's favourite restaurant in Pyramid. xP

The pictures below will make me hungry at this hour. TT_______TT

I ordered sour spicy seafood noodle. Yum yum!
It is also recommended by the restaurant.

Stephanie ordered Ma Po Toufu. A bit spicy but nice! =D

Quail egg dessert but I didn't find quail egg inside. >___>

Sarah ordered mushroom vege noodle?? Teehee.. I'm not so sure.
Okay, I'm hungry nao. @_____@

The food post doesn't end here, we had supper before the Pyramid closed. =D 能吃是福!
We had our supper at Fong Lye Restaurant, a Taiwanese restaurant. I like their red wine fried rice! Yum!

Kar Yean and Sarah ordered Gui Hua tea.

Kar Yean, pouring the tea from the pot. =D
So polite.
Kacau kacau there. :P

Tempura. =)

Sarah, posing with her sweet potato ball. =D
Yea. me without make up. >__< Natural beauty. :P

Sarah's friend at the most left. She's pretty and tall! *envy*

This can be a magazine cover! =D

Yam cha! Kampai.

See, how tall she is!
Last event of the day. Chiong k!! This time we chose Neway as ladies get 50% off for normal hour! =DD Neway improves a lot! =D Some part of Neway is even better than RedBox. >__>

Me as photographer. =))

Kar Yean as the photographer. =))
Le last group picha. Will miss you girls a lot!! Muackkk!! xoxo
Promise to make time to meet ya!

End of the post of Sarah's Day! =D I had a good time with them, we laughed a lot that day, and most important thing is Sarah visited both places that she wanted to go, Pavillion and Sunway Pyramid! =D She also had her Dragon-I and ditched Nando's. xD She will have chance next time. Sarah, come back more often if you can!! You'll be dearly missed!! :*

Another good news is I'm going back hometown this weekend!! Yooho!! I have good and nice food to eat again. TT_________TT So touched. Mummy, I'm coming back!!

Last but not least,
Deng deng!
Till then, Bye!!

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