Saturday, June 23, 2012

Exam finished.

Exam is over! I'm heading back to hometown tomorrow. Mummy has already planned what to have for lunch! Yay! My sour spicy soup, fried mee and cauliflowers with mushrooms!

This afternoon went Paradigm Mall with Stephanie and her boyfie.

Finally I got to try the dessert at the famous Tong Pak Fu, a Hong Kong dessert shop. =))
Mango dessert.
Rating: 6/10
They have Lok Yu Dan. =D
Rating: 7/10
Stephanie and her boyfie, Kuan.
He just came back from Taiwan. ^O^
And.. a few shots of me. ^O^
Buh-bye, KL! See you 2 weeks later! =D
Imma gonna cut my fringe soon! =D
Stephanie and I. =))
Also, I tried out few clothes at Padini Concept Store. =D
Both are from P&Co.
I love this shirt! <3
Till then, buh-bye! =D

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