Monday, June 4, 2012


Been studying for the past two weeks for my finals and today is the day that I prove myself had my study gone into my mind. ~.~ Today is the first paper. I've forgotten some of the points when elaborating the answers. :/ I hope I didn't screw it.

Well, last week it wasn't all about studies. I brought my babe G12 to jalan jalan, since it's been in the dark for few months. Oh, mummy loves you!!

Had gathering with a friend. :) She's going to UK soon!! All the best to her!! And, good luck!!! Oh gosh, she has the chance to see Olympics live this year!!! Grab the chance, Sovitha!!!!!! Once in a lifetime. *okay, I'll shut up. :X)
My dear friend, Sovitha. I knew her since my pre-u.
Take care in UK!!
Wear more and eat more!!
The three of us.
Me, Stephanie, Sovitha. :)
Stephanie and Sovitha! :)
And, this is what Stephanie and I got for her. :)
Small gift for her wish her all the best in UK. :)
We all wish you good luck and safe flight, Sovitha!! Anything watzapp me! =D You know you got my number!! I will be here waiting for your news and calls!! XOXO Time flies, you will be back very soooonn!!  I know it's hard, but just bare with it, and enjoy yourself there!! Oh ya, take lots of nice pictures there ya!! =D

Recently try out middle parting, feels like middle parting forever won't suit my face shape. Well now it kinda prove it. ~.~
I only look okay with my lens. :/
My big luohan forehead! ~.~ Can I saw it into half? ~.~ Whose forehead will be bigger than mine??
This one looks better. Sort of. wtf.
I had bad skin condition lately. Duh. But, it gets better now. :)

Back to studies after the short gathering with Sovitha. :'(
Mummy said we need to love the subjs, then only the subjs will love us back!
Coffee has been my companion since study week.
I had this for last weekend. :D

Trial shot. :)

Vanilla muffins. :)

Happily eating her muffin =D

This is my set.

This is Stephanie's set. :)
That's all for my weekdays and weekends for last two weeks. Need to get back to study now. Chao!

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