Saturday, August 18, 2012

Happy Birthday and always 18!!! Mr. Joey!!

Well, he's 19 now, unofficially yet, but soon! =D

Fatty bom bom! :PP
This year he received his present earlier due to his packed working shift because of Raya period. Guess what I've given him as present?? Nyek hei hei~~

Buffet again.
We had Japanese buffet to celebrate his birthday. -__-
Last time, my birthday, we also had Japanese buffet.

On our way to Gonbei San!
Selca a bit in the car. :D
Stephanie and I.

Act cute. -___-

The chio-est pic of her. ^___^
I took all the food available in Gonbei San. =))

The birthday boy!

Gonbei San has less varieties compared to Jogoya, nearly 1/4 of Jogoya. It's an authentic Japanese buffet. The environment is quite good, and their chair is sooooo heavy that I nearly can't move it. -____- Overall rating, 6.5/10. =))
Miss me!! =DD

This  cartoon is so cute!! Imma gonna watch it!!!

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