Sunday, April 14, 2013

Purchase of the month.

Dear bloggiieee, I've ditched you for so long! I'm so sorry.. :(( My school just started, *not just, it's been a while* assignments are piling up! All major assignments due next month! Thanks to all the assignment, time flies. I just came to realize that it's nearly mid of April! :O :O

Many things happened recently. Some are good and some are bad. But, I'm glad that my loved ones always stay by my side whenever I need them. :)) 

Oh yea.. I just lost my new phone! YES! NEW PHONE! I persuaded my mom to buy a new phone from DiGi that comes with their data plan. I just bought it on February. /.\ Not even 2 months! Blame it on my carelessness and the phone got pick-pocketed. :/

Dear new phone, please take care of yourself out there! :(( Your dearest first ex-owner misses you here!!

Let's not talk about sad things anymore. Life goes on. :)) Every day is a new start!

Anyway, this post is about sharing my purchase of the month. ^___^ Last month, I bought some covers from Taobao (a Chinese version of Ebay). It reaches me a day after I lost my phone. G-R-E-A-T I can't get to dress up my phone. :'((

Let's see what I bought from Taobao! ;D *I swear next time I'll buy more!*
Hello Kitty 3D & Baby Doll on motobikes! ^_^
I didn't expect it to be in so good quality. ^___^V I like it a lot!
And when the Hello Kitty's head is pushed, it's a mirror! =D
Moustache couple cover! ^_^
I bought these two covers from different seller on Taobao. The quality is jjang! =D

The next thing I'm going to share is my hair care and skin care product. :))

1. Chia Seed Soothing Mist Toner from The Face Shop
2. Body & Thairapy from Silver Tree.
I just spilled my toner, so I have to buy a new one. I just knew that The Face Shop has released a new series of products. This new series of products are made of chia seed. The toner can be used as a mist as well. It's not oily, very refreshing and it smells nice, it also hydrates my skin as well! I just have to spray onto my face instead of pumping onto my palm and transfer it onto my face. In this way, I wouldn't over pump toner and make my face so oily. :(( I have this bad habit of over pumping any skin care products. @___@

The Body & Thairapy is for hair and body spa treatment but I often use it to treat my hair damage. It's such a brilliant and amazing product! I like it a lot! It does repair my damaged hair. I have bleached my inner part of my hair for like 5 times :/ So I need serum to protect and repair my hair. So, my hairstylist introduced this product to me. Thanks for her recommendation. It works well on me. I've used this small bottle for 4 months. I've finished it few days ago. Imma gonna buy it again. After applying it, my hair feel so smooth and manageable. keke

And, lastly,
A customized bracelet from Craftedbymei
I bought two same bracelets but I customized the alphabets. :)) One for me, *saw the word E, stands for Esther*, and another one for my best friend. :)) We celebrated our so-called anniversary (the days we first met each other) and I gave this bracelet as her present. :)) She likes it a lot! ^___^ I like it a lot too! Craftedbymei not only sells bracelets, even customized key chains, anklet, necklace. :)) I really like her work. And if you have any doubts on the customization issue, you can discuss with Mei *the owner*, she can give you her ideas. Mei's a nice person to work with. :D

That's all for my purchase of the month post! :)) These products would be my favorite of the month as well! :)) I like this product a lot! But I can't use the covers. :'(( Thinking of giveaway, anyone?? ;))

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