Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Stay strong

Ahh.. finally found my way to login into my blog again! Forgotten my email and password to login.

Trying every email that I remembered. Finally.

3 years passed.

A lot of things happened within this month. So much of sadness and upset moments. I have to deal with it, I couldn't run away. I have to be strong, stand strong for my own decision. But, at least I got this blog of my own back. I'm glad! :)) Keep telling myself, put on a smile and move on and be strong!

Everyone will go through their hardship once in their lifetime. Now it's time to face mine.

Lately, I have joined STWW this big family. It's a family who's doing Nu Skin's distributors. I can say I am inspired by this big family. They teach me to think big, filter friends (negative ones), always mixed around people who can give positive energy to you. This is one true fact.

Me, who has no experience in using the products to start off the business is a bit tough journey for me. But I will persist no matter what! I believe my hard work will pay off.

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