Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Iron Man 3!!

Iron Man Finale!!

I watched Iron Man 3 twice!!

For my record, I watched Avengers three times!! The most watched movie in my life! The third time I watched was in a Beaniplex cinema room, so I was kinda dozed off but I managed to wake myself up!! O___O hahaha..

So sad that there's maybe no more Iron Man story! While the movie finished, I was quite anticipated to watch trailer. Usually, Marvel's movie will show us the next chapter's trailer. But this time, no new trailer for Iron Man 3! My bf damn sad. kaka. So I asked him, then will he appear in Avengers 2?? Then he said maybe will, maybe won't :'((( Sad! I haven't watched the first and second, but this one is a great one!! I like the plot, I like the costume, I like his girlfriend, I like the little kid, I like the background music (it's sounds so grand and heroic!!) In short, I like everything!! :D

Robert Downey, Jr. gets handsomer when he gets older! :O :O How can that be?? He is more charismatic now than when he's young!! :O :O I'm super super impressed with people who won't age even though they work under pressure! O___O

Iron Man 3 is about a powerful force is going to seek revenge on Iron Man! On the other hand, Tony Stark aka the Iron Man continues to upgrade/improve his Iron Man's suit! ^___^ Y'all know the ending! ;))) I super super like his last word: "You can take anything away from me, but you cannot take away from me is: I'm Iron Man!" *_____*

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