Saturday, July 7, 2012


I've been receiving gifts lately. :)) I feel so loved.

#1 My boss went for a trip to Korea and she gave me these as souvenir. :D
#2 Necklace from my boss too. :) Thank you so much for remembering me! :'))
The following gifts made me scream for one minute and jumped excitedly. :DD
#3 Singpore McD Plush Toy!! :D
I managed to collect one but it's ok.
I told myself at least I got one, many HK Malaysian lovers sure didn't get it,
so I must be thankful and grateful. :D
But when I see this pic, I was 80%-90% regret Y I NO ask people buy????!!!!!!!!!
Regret die me. TT____TT
My dear bought me the Hello Kitty purse for me. :DD Thank you!! XOXO Thank you my boyfie's sister for bringing the Hello Kitty Plush Toy back from Singapore! :))

#4 Another necklace from my godmother from US. :)
Thank you for still remembering me. Take care! :)
Cosmetics products from Sarah! :'))
Thank you all that gave me these. :'))


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