Saturday, March 31, 2012

Recent Outings.

22nd March might not be a special day for most of us, but it's a special day for JMs. FYI, JMs is the short form of JJ Lin's fans club name, that is Jie Mi (杰迷).  JJ Lin  is a very famous Singaporean singer who headed to Taiwan to pursue his dream.

Almost every year, JJ Lin will come to Malaysia to promote his latest album. My BFF, Stephanie is one of the JMs so, sometimes I get the chance to see JJ Lin too. Of course, I can't see him like I can even see his pores, but I manage to see him in person from like 500 metres far, it's okay for me already. =D

So, this year, as usual, he released new album and on 22nd March he came to Malaysia to promote his album. And, he had this autograph and handshake session in Lowyat Plaza and One Utama Shopping Mall. I didn't buy his album, so I waited my BFF to have her album (borrowed from someone, because she left her album in hometown, brilliant) signed and handshake with JJ. =)) I hope one day I have the chance too! :'( JJ, you must do more album, so that I can buy and handshake with eu!! *pray hard*

My BFF, few friends and I only went to One Utama Shopping Mall autograph and handshake session because we're just so lazy to go to Lowyat Plaza.

Before we headed to One Utama Shopping Mall, we need to go fetch a friend first. :) So, what to do while waiting in the car? Huh? Can't hear you??........ BINGO!! Camwhore!!
Camwhore-ing time!

#1 Who's this cute lil' bubble? xP
#2 JMs shirt is black colour, but I don't have the fans club tee, so I randomly pick one black tee.
It's my couple tee. Duh.
#3 It's my hand!
#4 Square face. >.<

#6 My comfortable shoulder. =D
That's the end of syok sendiri session. We're ready to head to One Utama Shopping Mall!
#7 This is the stage that he would be interviewed later. ;)
Actually I don't know what it stands for. >.<

#9 See. The fans club tee is black.

#10 This sticky is so cute!! Since I like pink, so I get SNSD. ;)
It's called "K-Pop Sticky". What a creative name. ;D

#12 They're all like ants. >.<

#13 And here's JJ Lin. I can't snap a good shot of him. Sorry.



#16 I hate those managers beside the artist. ~.~


 The autograph and handshake sesison ended. JJ Lin then headed to parking lot and he passed by me. O.o He's like.......... *speechless* I don't know how to describe. He's just like normal people who came shopping that day... and surrounded by many people. ~.~
We went cari-cari makan after the autograph session. We're all hungwee.
#19 Haha.
#20 B-girl.


We went Old Town to have our dinner. ;)
#23 Camwhore before we go back. ;))
 And last pic,
#24 Blondie in the centre! I want go blonde too! ;)
Say cheese! ;D
Well, this is it, there goes my last weekend. Next week, I have minor presentation and it's one and only one presentation for this sem. ;DD Wish me luck, and I hope I would get the slides done before Sunday. :)) I'm going to watch Hunger Games again!! This time is with my BFF, Stephanie!!

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