Sunday, March 11, 2012


Phew! Haven't been blogging since.... uh, I forgotten when. All I know is I've not blogged recently. Busy with school homework, study for tests, go to school, come back from school, and after I come back from school, I play Facebook games! Duh. Such a boring life. T___T Can anyone please date me out!! *waving hand*

This week, I have block teaching. What is block teaching? Why they name it Block Teaching. I have no idea why they name it Block Teaching. ~.~  Basically, every sem there will be some Australian Unit Coordinator of some selected subject (I'm taking Australia University Program) will come to Sunway campus to have lecture. and teach us how to prepare for our final exam. So, I'm gonna have two block teaching for two subjects.

So, I've attended two days of block teaching this weekend. It's just like normal school day, but with extended hours and you have to absorb one week study syllabus in a day. Torturing. But, luckily I'm close friend with ACCOUNTING subject, so I still can manage absorb all the information! *proud grin*

Miss Kathy, that's our Australian unit coordinator, she's quite funny. I'm not sure whether it's because I understand basic accounting or I love accounting or simply because I like her, ~.~, I like her lecture, and she explains very clearly about the content. I think I will miss her. Wtf. But she's really a nice person, humor, and generous too! =D

This is the reason why I say her generous! xD
She gave every student a chocolate! =D Hmm.. very obvious not every student had taken the chocolates because she put the all the chocolates on the table and let the students take.

So, I've studied 7 days for this week! And, tomorrow I have 3 tests luckily not in a row, if not I'll be dead hanging. ~.~ Not yet studied, but I believe it will be easy. HEHE. Till then, buai! =)

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