Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Well, well, well, Instagram seems to be like a hot topic now because it is now available for android users! =D
I got this new from my bff. Once I knew the news, the first thing I did was I took my phone and downloaded the apps. I've been waiting for this for so longggg. I've always wanted to have Instagram to installed to my android but unfortunately, it was only available on iPhone. Thank you, Instagram!!! =DD For those who created Instagram, you're brilliant and awesome!! =DD
So, there goes my first Instagram pic. =D
It's a joyful moment!! ^___^

I'm going to have a week break from this Friday onwards. I feel like I'm giving myself early break from today. >.< I have no more tutorial and assignment due this week, all remaining assignment will due after or on week 8. So, I'm quite relaxed now. ~.~ I shouldn't behave like this! NO NO!

I tried Tang Sifu for my dinner. I ordered their Scallop Mee Sua, I rated it 8/10. It's definitely a D for Distinction. ~.~ Meaning good lor. =DD I like their mee sua. It's just like my hometown ang jiu mee sua. ;))
I guess Tang Sifu is a health conscious person. ~.~

The appetiser. Guava with chen pi (some kinda sour snack.) thumbsup.jpg

My Scallop Mee Sua with red dates, chicken and abalone slice. ;))
Huang Jiu Mee Sua. I rated it 4/10 because I don't like the taste of Huang Jiu.  >.<
My sugar cane juice with sea coconut and the herbal dessert is Guai Leng Gou. :))
There are alot of healthy meal offered by Tang Sifu, y'all can go and have a try. :))
I'm having flu now and I hope the meal I ate just now help me to recover. T___T

Oh btw, follow me on Instagram, berylchoco. :)) Instagram is AWESOME!!

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