Friday, December 23, 2011

Genting Trip with besties! Day 1

The initial plan was Stephanie, Sarah, Kar Yean and I planned to go Genting for a 3 days 2 nights trip. But, ended up, my high school friend, Cheryl replacing Kar Yean. Kar Yean couldn't go because she had an exam paper right after our Genting trip. =( Too sad, she couldn't go. But, four of us still have lots of fun during the trip! ^_^

Sarah came from Sarawak to KL few days before we went to Genting. She always wanted to do shopping in KL, but I guess she will not appear in KL for....... few decades, years, or WHOLE LIFE??! I will miss her! I will miss the times we do shopping in KL and her good appetite! xD Nevermind, we might be meeting each other next year in Singapore, Universal Studio??!! Muahahaha... *planning where to go next year*

We took a cab from Sunway hostel to KL Central. Then, from KL Central we took Genting Bus till the halfway of the hill.
Tada! The ultimate Genting Bus!
We got the chance to ride cable car to reach Genting! *jumping happily* Last two times when I visited Genting, the cable car was under maintenance..
Taken in the cable car.

Camho in the cable car. xD
Did I look sleepy? If yes, all thanks to the "talkative" aunty in the bus! *roll eyes*
She's scared to be in the cable car! Can someone rescue her? xD
As usual, act cute pose. -_-
Within 15 minutes, we reached Genting! Itz sooooo coldddddddd! Plus, that day we arrived the fog was so thick, we can hardly see the building in front of us! Aiks. We were hoping that the outdoor rides were still opened! Then we checked in hotel and we got ourselves ready to rock the theme park!! :D
Due to the coldness, I bought an earmuff. Itz pink in colour and cute!! ^_____^
Minnie earmuff!
My earmuff and my BFF newly bought hair band! She looks cool! ;)

Guess which leg is mine? xD

*Geram!* We waited for half an hour, then started to rain. The pirate ship had to close because of the rain!!!
Candid shot! Lepak-ing in indoor before decided to head back to hotel room to rest!
Was mad tired. =(

We were all tired because of whole day walking here and there, and we woke up early in the morning that day. So, we headed back to hotel room to take a nice, warm shower and have a BEAUTY SLEEP!!! :DDD

That's all for Day 1 Genting trip! Stay tuned for the Day 2 blog post! ;)

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