Thursday, December 8, 2011

New Blog Template

I changed my blog template to a Teddy Bear blog template. =)

This is because my BFF complained that she could not comment on my blog post. So, at first I thought was the blog template problem. Soon after I changed my cute lil pie blog template, I realized that it was not the blog template, it was the Setting problem. =.=!!! But, it's ok. This Teddy Bear is cute enough! ;) I like Teddy Bears too!

So, now you all can leave comment on my blog. Now, my blog may look simple. But as time goes by, I will add on some stuff later on to make it nice and interesting! Stay tuned! ^_^


  1. cheh.. i no complain oso.. i jz tell u oni.. hmmph! xD

  2. hahahahaha! complain cute sikit mar.. xP


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