Sunday, December 18, 2011

I met famous blogger!!!!

Guess who I met yesterday while shopping with 2 buddies in Sunway Wang?!!!!!!
Tada!!!!!! The famous Singaporean blogger, XIAXUE!!

Sarah and I were so excited to get a chance to meet her in person!!!
Actually Stephanie who's the one spotted her but she didn't know that the lady with her pink hair is XIAXUE!
Cheesie and Qiu Qiu was there too!! Three of them are real MEI NU!! But, due to our nervousness, we didn't get to take photo with Cheesie and Qiu Qiu! :((( And, the most important thing was that we had forgotten to congratz Xiaxue and Cheesie for the award winning! *gerammmmm*

But, it's ok! At least, we have taken a photo with Xiaxue! *giggles*

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