Monday, December 12, 2011

Hello Kitty Sneakers!

I just saw Hello Kitty Sneakers in a website,
I seldom see such a cute Hello Kitty Sneakers like thisssss... I like it alot! Can anyone buy for me for my X'mas present? :D *giggles*
Tada!!! This is it! Cute tak cute tak! *cross-finger: (praying hard) I wish that someone would buy for me*

Here's another type, MOKOMOKO Hello Kitty. But, still I prefer the first one! ;D is a shop where they bring Shibuya back to you. Shibuya is a shopping and entertainment district situated in the west of Tokyo in Japan. So, without going Japan, you can also have the most leading fashion in the world in your wardrobe. ;) They are selling cute Japanese stuff, accessories, clothes, dress, skirts, wigs, etc. KAWAIII!
I like their online shop's design. Simple and sweet. ;)


  1. Wheeeee... hahaha.. this baru macam your daughter mar.. xD


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