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Genting Trip 2!

This blog post is about Genting Trip part 2 that is Genting trip Day 2.
Previously, I wrote about Day 1, and I was kinda lazy to compile and upload those photos, because you all can find it in my Esther Lee Siew Li. And, that day was few days after I came back from Genting, I was still in tired-mode, so forgive me! ><! This time, will be more pics to be shared! ;)

The second day, Stephanie and I went for buffet breakfast in First World hotel. Sarah and Mei Theng continued their beauty sleep! Hmm.. the food there was.. so-so. The buffet breakfast was not as good as I first time tried them in mid 2011. But, it's ok! At least, we had something to fill our empty stomach! >"<!

After we had prepared ourselves, we headed to Outdoor Theme Park. The fog was not as thick as Day 1. Thank God! =D And it was cooling and not freezing! I love the weather in Genting, I miss it now! =(( Now, it's beginning of the year, and Malaysia's weather is becoming hotter and HOTTER!!!

The first ride in Day 2..........
Space Shot!
Just Cheryl and I... xD
While the other two, Stephanie and Sarah.........
Ferris Wheel. xD
This is quite scary too, because if you move a lil' it will shake.. ><!
Cheryl and I waited for almost two hours just to get in to the Space Shot. And, finally we made it! Haha! How courageous we were! =D

The third ride was Boating. *Row row row your boat~~ gently down the stream, when you see a crocodile, don't forget to scream~~ AHHHHHH!!*'s just a short queue. But, we just did what we usually when we get bored------ cam whore! Playing with posing and cameras.. ;)
My darl! I've picked the most pretty one to put in here! *clap hands*
Sarah and Stephanie! =)

Stephanie and Cheryl. =)
Cool duo! xD
LOL! Try to act like she's ninja.
15 mins per ride.
Trying my earmuff.. Cute. ^O^

Lovely. ~.~
Will miss her so muchhiiee! XOXO

Haha! I captured this from the back! ;)

I'm the photographer! At least, sometimes I did get everyone in the pic! xP
Pengacau kat belakang!
Inilah peluang dia bergambar! xD
Haha! Both acting cute. Who wins?
Bermanja. *blush*
Cheryl was forced to wear the earmuff. Her expression was like she's in pain. Bad bad you both!
See! So cutiieeee! *Sayang* *It's just for awhile.. Later we will take it off for ya.. :**
Make this as Facebook profile pic! xD
Her signature pose! I shall not never forget this! xP
Me with my earmuff. Like this pic of mine. ;)
Sarah's pushing so hard left Stephanie no space to breath. Bwahaha! 
It's going to be our turn soon. ><!
I didn't take any pics when we're on the boat. Sarah and Stephanie were in a boat; Cheryl and I were in a boat. We're like chasing each other's boat like hell! It was fun yet tiring. We had to keep on paddling! That's the tiring part! We enjoyed it.
Cheryl and I. Well done! xD
Who is this leng lui? xP
 Then, we off to lunch! WE'RE HUNGRY!!!
This is my XO Fish Head. Hmm.. it's ok, but still, I don't like it.

My Pulut Hitam!! It was nice!!
It's been so long I didn't have the chance to eat Pulut Hitam! NAIIICE!!!

Stephanie's HooKien Mee. Not bad too, but abit salty.

Barley with Ginko. Fav!

This is a MUST-to-mention!!!! A drumstick, a spoonful of vege, broccoli, cost Cheryl RM26!!!!!!!!!
*heart aching*
 Next destination, Pirate Ship! ^___________^  *heart pumping*
I screamed throughout the whole ride. ><! Cheryl, Stephanie, Sarah, paiseh! @^_^@

Captured while waiting for our turn.


Shaky hand. >_<

I like this feel!! yeah yeah!
It feels like an innocent character from anime! *winks*
 Once again....................
Space Shot ride! This time, Sarah was with Cheryl and I..
But her main intention was to "gap" someone waiting for his turn to take the Space Shot! =P
Credits to Stephanie who captured this! ;)

This is my second time in my life taking Space Shot ride!!
Yeah! Esther Lee, you did it!! Bravo! ~.~

Spotted us? xD

Sarah shouted: "I'm alive!! I'm alive!!"
Silly and cute Sarah! xoxo
Freezing in the night in Genting!!
So we bought hot milo and Maggie's Hot Cup!!


See how hot was the milo!!


Model posing.. xD
Promoting scarf.. ~.~

Wheeeee.. I'm fair here.. xD


Actually it was Cheryl's scarf.
Nice scarf!

Oops.. sorry, Steph, my shaky hand! Mian-he..
I called it Baby Chair. =D

Ninja1126. Ha!

Flying dragon.

The light colour changed every few mins. Nice! =)

Colourful cactus! ;)

Did you see dolphins? xD

LOL! Arabian lady!

Christmas decoration. Beautiful.

This is the 3rd day. We're ready to go back KL. ;)
Our bus tickets.

Cheryl and I.

Sarah and I.

Four of us! ;)
It's a nice trip!

Cheryl, Stephanie and Sarah.
 ~The End~

Sorry for this long blogpost. >_<
This is my first time blogging, so please pardon me, if I upload too much of pics or writes too much! >_<
I enjoyed the trip with the three of them, plus I like the weather in Genting. It almost rains everyday when we reach Genting, because towards year end, it's raining season. So, it makes Genting weather cooler! I LIKE IT!! How I wish KL was 1/4 like Genting. :((

(P/S: I will do better in the Sarawak trip blog post! So, stay tuned. ;))


  1. lol.. the last pic can see my huge stomach.. >.<
    btw, why ninja1126? lol 1126 wat mean o? lol...

  2. I object one picture punya caption..I mana ada push steph until she no place breath o? LOLOL...=P

  3. Steph: lol.. sorry.. I wrote wrong jor.. haha.. it should be your birthday code.. ><! typo.. typo.. haha

    Sarah: haha.. you dont feel it, but i feel it! xD


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