Thursday, January 19, 2012


While I was browsing through a Singaporean blogger's blog, I came across this word Glamabox. It sounds like a name of a beauty saloon or a cosmetic brand. But, to my surprise, it is even more than a beauty saloon and cosmetic brand.

And, the founder of this Glamabox is Lisa S. A famous Hong Kong model and she is Daniel Wu's (famous Hong Kong actor) wife!
Lisa S.
Isn't she pretty? =)
So, what is Glamabox actually?
Once you subscribe to Glamabox either monthly or yearly, you will receive sample of 5 items of HIGH-END BRANDS! That's way tooo coolll!! You can try out the new sample products of HIGH-END products without even stepping out from your house. That's way soo convenient and you get to know what are the latest products than anyone else! Once you subscribe, Glamabox will be directly sent to your door every month! =D
This is how Glamabox looks like. It's in pink! =D
It's available in some country like Macau, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Singapore, but not in Malaysia. :( *sad*
It's only SGD$198 for yearly subscription in Singapore and SGD$18 for monthly subscription. *Best-nyer if they can provide shipping to Malaysia!*

Other than the 5 selected luxury products, the box contains products' information, application notes and tips and tricks about beauty and style.
Lisa S with her Glamabox.
For more information, go check out their website:
Glamabox's Facebook page.

For those who really want to subscribe for yourself but you're not in Singapore, ask your relatives to do you this favor then! =) Plus, it's free shipping in Singapore!

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