Sunday, January 1, 2012


Till now, my luggage is still empty.
Till now, I have not packed my stuff for my Sarawak trip.
Till now, I have not decided what to bring for my Sarawak trip!

*Headache headache* Can somebody give me some advice?
Like, how many clothes should I take? Any other things that need to bring to Sarawak?
Sunblock? Makeup set? Toothpaste? Toothbrush? Shampoo? Ahhhhhhhhhh...
Fine, anything that I see in front of I shall throw them into the luggage! @.@

Just now went Pyramid to do some shopping with my darl.
Bought two chinese novels. Ka! Hope I can finish the books and understand the content! ><!


  1. all the best with the novel..
    and you need to see me before u can start reading..
    its with me now!! =.=

  2. Hahaha! Just I wanna take them with me de.. but then I dono how to take it out, so suan le.. xD


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