Wednesday, May 9, 2012

INSTAGRAM Camera? Cool!!

ADR-Studio is making the Instagram Apps in Iphone/Androids to a real camera! How cool is that??

Instagram Apps is now so popular among the Iphone/Android users. They can share their photos worldwide. I like the effect that Instagram provided. Plus, I personally like the Instagram icon very much, because it gives me the vintage feel and it looks cool! Imagine it becomes a real life camera!! I'd be the first one to buy!!! =DD I hope it really becomes real. But, according to rumors, the ADR-Studio has to go through Facebook first if they want to make it real. Please, Facebook, I beg you!! Please approve this idea!! If you approve this, I guarantee you, this is going to be a BIG HIT than Facebook!! =DD

This whole new, innovative idea comes from ADR-Studio, an Italian company. They named this project as Instagram Socialmatic Camera. For a moment, I think it's some sort of like Polaroid camera. But, this is way cooler than Polaroid camera! =D It has 16 GB mass storage, it has WiFi and Bluetooth, that means you can share your pictures immediately after you snapped and edited to Facebook and to your friends!! Why I say it looks like Polaroid it is because you can print out the pictures you captured! It's definitely going to be one of mine if they really make it real!!

You can read more information here -> Instagram Socialmatic Camera!

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