Thursday, May 24, 2012

I love TAOBAO!

I can tell that I love Taobao so much at least for now. Fyi, Taobao is like a ebay online shopping thingy, is just that Taobao is China version and it's all in Chinese words. So, those who don't know Chinese, I'm sorry. But. Taobao is really a good place for girls who like shopping (online) and hunt for cheap stuff! =D This place is like heaven!!

I know I'm a bit late to fall in love with Taobao, it's because the price listed in Taobao is all in RMB (China dollar) and I don't know how to place order! How if the stuff is cheap but when courier fee to Malaysia is expensive? Then, what for I buy from Taobao, I can get elsewhere outside which is way cheaper!

So, one day I saw a Facebook shop 蕾丝娃娃の小铺 posted that the we can order Toabao stuff from her!! OMG!!! This is a great deal!! Finally I can find someone to help me place order from Taobao!! The first thing I wanna buy is my phone cover! I can hardly find my HTC Explorer phone cover, I don't know why. ~.~ Maybe because the phone has no demand. wtf.

I approached the owner of the shop aka Taobao agent in Malaysia! =D There're quite a few Taobao agents, but I found her! And, she's a nice person. =)

I received my phone cover and I'm very satisfied with it!! The covers look exactly the same as in the pictures! I'm happy!! =D Well, you know some of the actual thing we received might not be the same as we see online. That means I can trust Taobao!! =D Silly me, if not, how can do till so HIT! wtf.

I wanted to change a new pencil case. I search everywhere and can't seem to find one that I think it's pretty or cute. So, I think of Taobao. There goes my second purchase from Taobao! =D And, the stuffs I bought are in my hand now! *excited* Wanna see what I've bought? Scroll down!

A pencil case which I longing for since don't know when. ^O^
Hello Kitty pencil case!! *EXCITED!!!*
I was jumping around when I saw this!! GOSH!!!
But, I've made a wrong decision. I shouldn't buy white color. :'( Now, I tak sampai hati want to use it. pfftt!

Guess what's the next thing? ^.^
Sweet bracelet right!!! I love this so much!!
This bracelet has been my target since I first saw it few months back! I love the light pink!! I should have dyed my hair pink too wtf! I like the accessories too! Match so well! ^.^V
I didn't camwhore with the bracelet because of the stress I faced these few days, ~. ~ and my face is so terrible now! :'( Really need a facial session. TT_________TT

I bought three things in total. And the last one would be, a necessity for me. ^O^
Guess what's this?
A makeup box!!
Sometimes when I go travel, I would bring my makeup stuff along, and due to the reason that I like to buy makeup stuffs, I need a box to put my makeup stuffs so that I won't misplace it!

Satisfy with these products!! =D And, it's useful for me!! Taobao agent, thank you once again for helping me to get these good stuffs! I will order more from you, and so, my readers (erhem..) if you want to order stuffs from Taobao, you can message this girl in FB, Huey Yee. You can ask her questions if you have doubt, but please don't ask repeated questions again and again. Thank you for your cooperation! ;D

Last thing I wanna share is Brands Outlet in Paradigm Mall (new mall in Kelana Jaya) is having 4 days special (24-27th!), they're selling all the short skirts and short pants at only RM9!!!!!!!! And, other apparel with low price!!! So, go grab them before you miss the promotion!! ^O^


  1. here is the list of taobao agent
    most organized one is, charge you 10% and the international shipping charge is little higher than "bottom“ price. hope it is helpful.
    for how to avoild being scammed, check here:
    also, if you trusted me, I can help you to buy. Just advertise for myself, hehe

  2. Here the ebook how to use taobao.


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