Monday, May 28, 2012


What could have been messier during study week?
May I present to you the messiest table among of.. all girls? Whatever.
Yea. I know. It's like shit! >.<
Anyone's study table is messier than me? Leave a comment. wtf. But, I saw some people (girls included), their table are really messier than the above one! No lie. It's truth.

Starting from this week, it's my school's study week. Well, I'm glad that they make the 14th week of school days as study week. Well, it really do help a lot for some lazy people like me, give us time to prepare for the FIRST paper. Not only the table is messy, the owner of the table, ME, iz also very messy! Often tie up my hair into a bun like an aunty. Examinations really ruin our wonderful life!

My June Calender 2012!
The words in blue are my examination dates and the shortest I've written is my facial appointment at Mary Chia. ^O^

Well, before I end my post, I sincerely wish all my coursemates and my juniors and my seniors "Good Luck in your exams!" :))

(P/S: I'm so looking forward for the two gatherings in June! =D)

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