Monday, May 7, 2012

Hair Colours.

These are hair the few hair colours that I wanted to try.
haha! Okay, maybe not this.
Later my mom would said since when I gave birth to a unicorn. ~.~
Haha. This is actually nice.
I won't put too much colours on my hair, it will spoil my hair! TT____TT
This is okay but it is still not my favourite.
Here comes the colour that I wanted to dye the most!
I like this lilac!
Even though my favourite colour is pink,
but lilac/violet/purple would be my second fav colour!
I wanted to dye my hair pink just like Xiaxue but I'm just too chicken to do it because the colour is just so shocking and plus my salon does not have pink colour. Just forget about it. Then I choose lilac! =D That's also the hair colour that Xiaxue just did!
So nice! I hope if I really dye, I hope my outcome would be this nice.  #prayhard

I've considered this too!
Blonde with pink dip-dyed.

Blonde with green dip-dyed.


  1. I really like the lavender too :D I can't decide if I want that or something more like ombre red and blonde >.<

  2. Yea. But now I sorta know what color I wanna do. xD Go try lavender if you dare!! =DD I can't because I'm still a student. :'(


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