Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Honeymoon Week.

I call this week as honeymoon week because I have no tutorial questions to do and assignments to due. Starting from next week, I have to prepare my first presentation for this week and there will be tests waiting for me! T_______T My panda eyes are going to visit me very soon! But, I LIKE IT!!! =D I like the feeling of tiredness. =''D

Had a lot of nice food this week! :)) Enjoy before those disaster weeks!
Had sushi king for our tea time! =D
20% off!
With my babe, Stephanie. ^.^
BBQ Plaza!! =D
Talking about BBQ Plaza, they're now having a competition. Interested?? *smirk*

All you have to do is to take a picture with their Dragon like the picture above, then post on their Facebook page, BarBQ Plaza Malaysia. Ask your friends to LIKE your photo, 1 LIKE=1 point! The winner will win a trip to Bangkok for 3 days 2 nights! Fast fast go to the nearest BarBQ Plaza outlet and take photo with the cute lil' Dragon!! This competition valid till 23 September!. For more information,  check their Facebook page, BarBQ Plaza Malaysia. =D

Hokkaido Melon ice cream with waffle basket
@ Hokkaido Ice Cream. =D Yum yum!
Big tee in Paradigm Mall! =D
My turn to wear! ^___^
Till then, xoxo.

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