Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I just love Hena Tattoo!

I love hena tattoo so much! Whenever there is a chance for me to do hena, I absolutely will not to miss the chance! Today my uni was doing some sort of charity program, they had a "Hena Tattoo" booth. I did not see the booth, but I saw some girls' hand has hena tattoo. So, I started searching the hena booth. And I found it! =DD

They googled the pictures for me and let me choose one... and.. I chose this!
Nice or not!! :DD
Just freshly done!
I just love it!
I wish to do on both hands!
Now to think of it, my last finger is quite scary. @____@

Tested few outfits. :D

Formal shirt from Agenda.

I like this black color, also from Agenda. :)

Brands Outlet, basketball jacket.
Quite trendy recently. :D

Sharp yellow. :D
From Brands Outlet too.

Rose lace shirt from Forever21.

I love this top! From Forever21 too!
That's all for today! Till then, tata! <3


  1. wah i never tried those tattoos before. they look gorgeous <3

  2. Yeap! You should go and try it! :D It will look so awesome on hands! ;D


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