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OMG!! OMG!! Blogger has a new look!! I didn't know it until I open my blogger account.
I'm still not very used to it. I'm not familiar with the older version of blogger and with the new look here, I'm going to scratch my head until my head bleeds, in the end, I will give up exploring and just do what I need to do--->> BLOG.

17/4/2012 indeed is special to me other than Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Fatty's birthday and my bffs' birthday. It's my BIG DAY!! =D It's the day that I came to this world and till now the world treats me not bad. =)) Love you guys!! XOXO

I've received a lot of facebook wishes from my friends. For now, I'm still not free to reply all of your wishes, but I will someday maybe tomorrow of days after tomorrow. These few days I was busy rushing assignments and preparing for test today. So, anyway, thank you guys for your wishes!! =))) I truly deeply not madly but sincerely thank you guys for your wishes!! =))

Me and my boyfie went to watch movie in the afternoon. Before that, we had lunch at Shi Lin, a Taiwan street snakcs in Pyramid.
Tada! The food we ordered. =D
Lemme introduce to you, Mr. Joey! *yeah, I know it's lame ~.~*
The shirt looks abit loose on me. TT___TT
Oh ya, I tried so-called Trendy Retro Braids myself on my birthday. It's very easy for girls who know how to braid well. :) I'm not so good at it, so the outcome was just so so. But, overall I look not bad. ;))
You can watch tutorial here,

As you can see, it's nice right. And it's elegant and ladylike. I love it! ;)

My oyster mee sua. =)
According to traditions, we need to eat mee sua as it represents long live the person. So, I followed. ;)
"Happy Bento" as translated from Chinese to English. =D
The toufu is awesome. ;))

Tempura! MAD LOVE Shilin's tempura. ;DD

And, this is the "AFTER" scene. *burpp~~*
Time for movie!! <3
My chocolate received the night before my birthday and movie tickets!! =D
I love watching movie in cinema. =D And this time the movie was Battleship which I went to watch again yesterday with my bff, Stephanie! ;DD The second time! This movie is highly recommended. Simply amazing. <3
My afternoon look. Without makeup. xP

After movie, I went back to makeup and prepare for dinner at Shogun, Japanese Buffet restaurant. Frankly speaking, I'd prefer Jogoya more than Shogun. #.#

After makeup. X.X
Big failure on the makeup look! X.X I was trying to do a makeup based on a makeup tutorial video on YouTube by Bren Lui, a Hong Kong makeup guru, but it was a BIG BIG failure. TT__________TT Nevermind, as long as I didn't look horrible and it's still.... obamanotbad.jpg But, it was as if I didn't put any eyeshadow on. failure. #learnfrommistake

You can view the video here,

She's so pretty. #.# And her makeup skills is awesome!

Yea. I wanted to try sexy look but failed. TT______TT I've got a lot to learn on my makeup skills. pleaseteachmemastermeme.jpg

While waiting a friend in Pyramid,
First time wore falsies succesfully.
Is it because the falsies is  Dolly Wink? ~.~

How do I look? =)

Big head! XO

There goes my long lost ji mui, Shiau Ping!! I've never seen her for ages, ok la, not so kua cheong, maybe for few months or half a year.
She's still the sweet Shiau Ping. ;))
We've talked a lot that day, catching up with each other's life, and of course gossiping! ;D That's what girls do! ;P

At first, they planned to go Jogoya to have dinner but then KL at evening is wayyyyyyyy toooo jam!!! We're afraid by the time we reach Jogoya, it's already supper time. wtf. Then we changed plan, we're going back to Pyramid and changed the venue to Shogun. They like buffet. *smirks* xP

Well, I've received quite a few things on my birthday, but it's not my birthday gift. wtf. It's stuff that I bought online sometimes ago. =D It finally reached me!! So happy! Especially the red hat I bought online! I bought it at It's only RM23+. I saw the exactly same one in Hush Puppies selling RM89. XO
How was my look with the hat on? X)

Innocent look. I have sharp face here. XD

Bright smile. =D
I've finally found this!!!!!! My HTC Explorer cover!!! I've been trying to search for my Explorer cover but I couldn't find it elsewhere. But, I found it in taobao!!!! I love taobao man!!!!!!! And these two covers are so cuteeeeeeeee!!! Fatty said they both look like Indians because of the camera lens. HAHAHAHA!! Anyway, I like this cover alot!! It's handy and it wont slip so often because without cover, my phone'd slippery. Thank God, I found you, rilakkuma. XOXO
Couple covers. ;)

Mad love! Yea. It does look like an Indian rilakkuma. ~.~

Another selca.

Arrived at Shogun, straight go take food and eat all you can!!! ^O^

Goldfish fatty. xP

This was the first round we took, but somehow it last round. LOL.

My guests for my birthday dinner. :))

With sushi. ;D

Every one was like giving up already. *burrppp~~*

The "wu nai" look. hahaha!

And here starts my funny look. ~.~

Duh. >.<

The pro camera girl's selca. :*

The guests were enjoying themselves. xD

Two sweet girl. :*

Oh no!! *hides*!!!
Kanpai. xD 22 years old wan sui!!


Heinekken girl. xP

Hmm. What are they discussing. *peep*

Chatime royalty card!!! Cho cute!!!! I want one also!! Y they no send me!!

My lovely, dear cutie! ;D

Haha I like this pic actually! XD


The pro girl. ;)
It's time to blow out candles' light on birthday cake. =)
Heart-shaped birthday cake! ;))
Like it a lot and it's strawberry flavor! X)

My hat on his head. Not bad actually. X)


I look fat here. TT_______TT

I like this! =D

I feel like I'm a celebrity. hoho!


Make a wish.
*I hope I stay pretty till forever*


Say cheese~~

My lovely strawberry~~

See you my long lost ji mui. xP
After dinner~~

Before going back~~

Group photo~~

My hair is messy and I look tired. :')

Gift from Shiau Ping and guess what's inside there? =D
A birthday card from her. I've always liked her creativity in drawing cards with cute words and emoticons and everything in the card! I wish I'd be as creative as her. :'(

Owh. So sweet. ;))

And she used price tag sticker to write words on it! Nice one.
I really couldn't think of these. >.<
Her birthday gift to me! ;)
I've always wanted the dress and my wish come true. Oops, that's my phone. xP
I've enjoyed the dinner at Shogun with the loved ones. Actually, I've wanted a themed birthday party. But, a themed birthday party needs alot of of work and effort. But, I will try maybe for one of my birthdays. Let's see then! ;D
And my wish came true! I've got my new camera for my birthday pressie. ;D You'll see it the camera in few of my pics! ;)) Love the cam to the max! :* Thank you, mummy and mr. joey!! And of course my BFF, Stephanie and Shiau Ping!!

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