Friday, April 6, 2012

A Place Called Home.

I''ve back in my sweet lil' home!!! It's good to be back! :)) Well, it is a place where I've known for the past 22 years!! A place called Sitiawan.

I'm sure a lot of people never heard of Sitiawan. They know where is Ipoh but not Sitiawan. So, everytime when I want to say where I'm from, I will say "Do you know Ipoh? Yea, I live around there." Simple as that. =D Or sometimes I'll ask "Do you know Pangkor? Yea. I need to take a ferry ride to go Pangkor. I live around there." But, DON'T ASSUME I'm from Pangkor. ~.~

And it's going to rain heavily soon I guess. When I reach, it was still HOT like hell. The sky is too touched that I've come back? ~.~

Ok, I need to unpack my things already! Till next post, xoxo.

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