Monday, April 23, 2012


Warning: I've attached a gross pic in this blog post. You can skip this blog post if you want. wtf.
The first one would be consulting a dentist. I HATE/DISLIKE to visit dentist's clinic. I feel that their clinic has the horrible smell, well at least to me, it smells like operation room in hospital and the sound of scaling teeth, so horrifying!! XO And, I feel like once I go in, all my teeth will bleed non stop until my whole mouth is full of blood. @_____@

I don't have this problem when I was small, but since when I did braces, I feel this way. I have to go back to dentist frequently for check-ups because the doctor need to follow up  orthodontic and check on my teeth condition. And the dentist I went to, his clinic was cold like mad, and his appointment was full everyday! I book appointment early pun need to wait till middle of the day. So, I had to wait outside and wait for my turn.  The smell and the coldness of the clinic. >.< And, it hurt when I did braces. I just couldn't stand pain from teeth. >.< So, since then, every time my mom ask me to check-up, I will reply her very reluctantly that I will go next time when I'm free. ~.~

And the second thing I hate the most is ulcer inside my mouth!! It hurts the most when I'm eating!! And it looks ugly!!!! I can't fully enjoy my food even though the food is SUPER awesomelicious. :'(
And now I have a twin ulcer just beside each other at the wall of my mouth. Yesterday I went to wedding dinner, the food was awesome but just because of the damn thing, ulcer, my satisfactory level decrease till 80%! Urggh!! Go away ulcer!!! I don't want you to grow!! Stop growing!!!

IT HURTS! when I smile, when i open my mouth!
Great, one back one front. wtf.

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