Friday, April 13, 2012

What I do in my hometown.

It's coming to an end!!!!!!!!!!! OMO!!
I hope my mid term break would be longer. :((( But, if the mid term break is longer, this means that the lecturers will assign more assignments and homework for us. T___T Bad bad lecturers.

On the first few days of my mid term break, I was rushing assignments because the assignment was due on the following Monday. And YEAH! After I've finished my assignment, I can loiter around and find for food!! And, it's just for a while. I have few assignments that I need to do research on 'em and I have to prepare a test after my mid term break. :'(

So, this is what I do in my lovely hometown. =))
#1 Mom cooked red wine mee sua for me to celebrate my birthday!! =DD
I've eaten mee sua 3 days in a row. I guess I won't be eating mee sua for the next couple of months. =X
#2 And my early birthday cake from my mom. The decoration is so cute! =D
And, next is YamCha session with dear friends! ^.^
#3 Stephanie's god-brother. =) 
#4 Candid shot by our friend. =D
#5 "I'm staring at you! Better watch out. >_>"
#6 Cynthia's two man-made bunny ears. Hoho.
#7 XO
And, when the time we had our yamcha session, Indonesia had 8.5 magnitude earthquake. Scary. We could feel it in our hometown. Pray that the Indonesians are alright.

#8 Le trio.
#9 And my FAV ai yu ice from Thursday Market at my hometown.
So, I'm now back in KL. T_T
Tomorrow I will accompany my BFF to PC Fair at KLCC. She wants to buy a new laptop! YAY for her. At last, her dream comes true. ;)) When'd be my turn to buy new comp??

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