Saturday, April 28, 2012

Daily Routine Makeup.

Due to my boredness, I'm going to show a natural makeup in this blog post. I should have blogged about the wedding dinner, but I'm really quite lazy. >.< *But, I'm hardworking enough to make up take pics* wtf. It's a light and natural makeup so I still could get my butt up and do painting on my face. ;D

Last few days, I've watched Michelle Phan latest tutorial on Youtube, and it's inspired by Katniss Everdeen in Hunger Games. Even though she's striving for her last breath of her life, yet she's still so stunning and beautiful!! *envy* Why can't everyone be perfect! Unfair! :'(

And, the Katniss Natural Makeup Tutorial is superb easy, and I recommend it for beginners. ;) Since it is so easy, why not I also try to do Katniss Makeup. :D It does not require well-trained eye-shadow application. so why not! ;))

But, my version will be slightly maybe a lot different from Michelle Phan's version. Hmm. Maybe it makes no different after I put on makeup, but please appreciate my hard work and my effort ya! Most importantly, this is my first makeup post. So, if I don't do well, I will do better next time! Nyek nyek!

First, you gotta have these:

Garnier Instant Fairness BB Moisturizer
Face Shop Loose Powder
SilkyGirl Brow Liner
Rose Petal Salve (Lip Balm)
Maybelline Volume Up Mascara
Shu Uemura highlighter and blusher
Etude House eyelash curler

And, this is optional,
Lens!! =D
But, it's a MUST for me!!
Let's start! :)
Start with my BB Moisturizer.
I replace this with the face primer that Michelle Phan used in her video. The reason being, I don't have a face primer. ~.~
BB Moisturizer can reduce your face's redness and give your face a healthy glow. :))
Just apply little will do, I squeeze too much of the BB moisturizer out. ~.~

After applying the BB Moisturizer, put on loose powder.
My face condition isn't that good recently. :'(
I need consultation!! D;
The loose powder makes my skin so smooth! ;D I like it!!
And, it smells good!!
Fill in your brows,
Find a brow pencil color that suits you!
I'm using a bit greenish for my eyeliner. A new try for me! ;D
Tada! And, it's maybe my new fav!
Now, curl you eyelash!! :D
I like this curler! :D
And, it's so easy to use compared to my previous curler.
Then apply mascara!! :D
Uhh! Pimples, you just don't wanna go away, HUH!!! :'(
Then, final step, put on blusher and highlight your brow bone with highlighter and inner most area of your eyes. :)
And, and, and,
We're done! =D
My final look!
Easy, simple and natural makeup that you can wear everyday! :) It take you only five minutes to finish the whole look. Don't hesitate more if it can make you a beautiful girl! :D 世界只有懒女人,没有丑女人!:D

Here I attached Michelle Phan's Youtube makeup tutorial. Y'all can learn a lot from her. ;)

And, another extra tutorial video for you girls! ;))
Katniss Everdeen's Side Braid Hair Tutorial! :D
One day, I wanna try to do the side braid. It suits when you have prom night, or you're going to a party, etc. In short, this side braid suits any occasions! Next time, you don't have to worry what hair style you want to set. :D

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