Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Tiring yet enjoying.

Now my weekends will be different. I will be busying key in database and face the comp from 9.30am to 6.30pm. Needs to start invest some skin care products nao!! XO As the radiation from the computer is not good for our skin. >.<

Oh, why I will be busying key in database? Guess what? I found a job!! My dream to own a new computer is not far away!! =DD I'm so happy and glad that I found a job! I can then buy my own computer with my own money as mommy told me "DON'T ask me to buy anything expensive already!" TT______TT She recently bought a new camera for me as my birthday present, so she insisted that she won't buy anything for me already.  Opportunity cost applied. ~.~ You need to forgo the second best alternative if you've chosen you consider the best one. Well, okay, I'm going to find a job then. Such a considerate and independent girl! ;D

My job is very easy. I just need to key in accounting database, and share it online to my employer. I can use my accounting knowledge and apply it on my work. So, it makes my work simpler. =D I'm very satisfied with the pay! And, my employer treats me very good! Owh, how lucky I am.

They urgently need people because the submission tax date is near around June, and they need people to help them key in database. They will not need me after submission of tax. TT______TT But, I've asked them if I can stay after the submission of tax. To my surprise, they told me I can stay if I perform well. So, I pray hard every night that I shall not make mistakes when working. I really need this job. *fingers crossed* & beggingmeme.jpg

I not only pray hard but I also play hard! =D
Last Sunday, I was invited by my boyfie's sister to become one of the bridesmaid of her friend's wedding. And, I thought to be a bridesmaid is easy. And I was totally wrong!! >.< It's so tiring! But on the other hand, it's fun too! You get to see how silly are the bestman being bullied by the bridesmaids. HAHA!

I woke up super early on that day. I woke around 5am to prepare myself and put on a light makeup. My boyfie's sister, Mayber came to fetch me at 6am. We were the first to arrive. =O And, the brides just woke up from her sweet dream. ^O^

We started to prepare stuffs that we needed to trick the bestman before the bridegroom can go in. They need to go through the bridesmaids!

I shall do two blog posts on this because there're so many pictures to upload. So, I shall not upload all pictures at once because y'all will be sleeping half way reading my blog. @______@

One of the stuff needed was balloons!
Mayber's boyfie, Harriet was pumping the balloons.
He wanted to pump the balloons as big as it could. But he failed. Maybe the balloons were not meant to be big. And, the balloons were in heart-shaped! Cute. =)

The bride's mom bought us dumplings as breakfast. We're hungry that time. Plus, we need to starve till evening. So, we had to fill our stomach first.
Slrrpp. I had cha xiu bao!! =D
And, we shall begin..
Haha. Their gui zhu yi! XD notti notti them.

They're adding pepper powder into the pepsi. XO
The pepsi actually tasted like normal pepsi! There's not much difference. Weird. Too less of pepper powder? HAHAHA!

Now, soya sauce was added. Eeeww.

Chilli! So, better don't play play with these girls! *runs off*

Balloons attached at the side of the bra!
HAHAHAHA! This is the most epic one!! The girls actually bought kids size bra for the bestman. They're really notti!

The vow. ;)
Actually it's a slave contract from wife for husband! HAHAHA!

I still can't stop laughing when I look at this pic. HAHAHA!
They prepared Oreo biscuits too! lolol. So kind of them,
But, they added something in the centre of the Orea biscuits! xP

The bride is preparing. ;)

Makeup artist's makeup kit! Cool! I wish to have one also. #.#

Just wanted to show you a pink Doraemon!! Cho cute!! #.#

Haha. The culprits! xD

And they're enjoying themselves. I'm not one of them!

The limited edition Oreo biscuits! =D

Nice scenery. wtf. hahaha!

The stuffs were ready!!

We put it outside the house.
We still left one more thing to do. That is... Guess what? This was indeed quite hard. X.X Sam fu sai la the bestman. >.<
They actually put the key in the plastic bags (I don't know the actual name >.<)
and put the plastic bags in the freezer overnight!! Crazy them! XO
They cut into half and threw into the bucket.

Can you find the keys?? @____@

This was the longest one!! =O
We're done then. We awaited for the bridegroom to reach. While waiting, we took this chance to camwhore!! =DD

The bridesmaids all wore white that day. We're all like little angels! =D But we're posting like models. HAHAHA!
All the leng luis! See!! We're like models!! =D
Me with the fake dog!
I ask my boyfie to guess whether the god is real dog or fake one. He said: "See also know it's fake de lah! If it's real, you also won't touch it la!" ~.~ All I can say is my boyfie knows me well. Urgghh!

Another modelling pose! I like this feel!
And I was also the only one wearing legging. ~.~ My outfit that morning was lace. Duh. Looks weird. @___@ Btw, my black lace legging has torn off. So, it's time to say goodbye to my legging. I don't want to see you anymore!! You make me look ugly! \ _ / And it makes me like I tattoo-ed my whole leg. pffttt.

HAHAHA! Different angle! There's one more! =D

Someone made us laugh ~.~

The bride was getting ready now. :)

Thanks the makeup artist (she's a hairstylist too!) for her good job!!
The makeup artist was the busiest person among the bridemaids! Oh, forgot to mention, she's also one of the bridemaids. She worked from morning 6am till the wedding dinner ended. Pui fok!!
She seems tired. Yea. To held a wedding it's really really exhausting and tired!
I have wedding phobia nao. XO

The bridegroom arrived!!

The bride's brother needed to welcome him. This is tradition rules. xD
Well, I don't have brother and sister, then who should welcome my future bridegroom? lolol.

I don't know what the meipo's doing. >.<

Received angpao from the bridegroom. =))

Lolol. Myvi geng!

Did you notice the Doraemon from the pictures above?? =D
The bridegroom is crazy about Doraemon,
so they choose Doraemon doll to put in front of the bridegroom's car.

I want Hello Kitty to be put in front of my future bridegroom's car! =P

The smart bridegroom. =D

Before they entered the house, they need to pass through our games that we set for them! =D

Here comes the moment! Owh, poor bestman. TT__________TT
The bridemaids need to feed bestman each a Oreo.
And, they look frighten! Hoho..
Now, the bra and panties!!
I recorded video here, but I stood too far away from them. So, the whole video was shaky and can't really see what they're doing. So, not going to upload here. >.<
Now, one of them had to find the key that hid in the bucket with leg
passed the key to other bestman with their mouth. >.<
They're not kissing!! They're passing keys! =D
Passed to the other one! ;D

Yea!! The right key had been found!! =D
See the bridegroom's happy face. lolol.


Lolol. The bride had not ready yet, so his mother-in-law asked him to eat egg first. haha!
Why egg?? @___@
While us, go inside the bride's room to take picture. ;))

Jie jie and her best friend! =)

The bride's mom was going to put down the bridal veil.

Listening the bridegroom reading the vow outside. ;D

The vow. ;D

The bridegroom put on the shoes for the bride. ;))

And, here they come! =D
Family photo.

And, we're taking photo too! =DD

This is the only bridesmaid photo I have. TT____TT
And, I was not yet ready in this pic.
 Then, my camera's battery died on me. So, I didn't take any photos after this session. The bride and bridegroom headed to the bridegroom's house and we had lunch at his house. ;)

I shall post the wedding dinner photo on next blog posts! =D
Before I end my blog posts, *satisfiedmeme.jpg*

My selca!! ;P
very light makeup on. ;))

Managed to snap one picture when I tried to turn on my camera.
Die die also want camwhoe. ~.~ 
 That's all for this blog post! ;)
Stay tuned for my next post!

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