Wednesday, February 22, 2012


It's midnight now, and I'm here blogging.  Guess what?

BIG BANG is back!!

Ok. Forgot to mention that I'm *medium-level* Kpop craze. *humble* =D

AS I KNOW, we (as in kpop fans) haven't heard from them, since their last release that was about one year ago. The only time we got their news was Daesung's accident or GD's drug addict scandal.

And now, BIG BANG is back! Their latest mini album and also the lead single, BLUE expresses that they are able to overcome hardships and come back as even a stronger team! GO GO, BIG BANG! =)

Now, introduce to you, their 5th mini album lead single, BLUE. =)

Enjoy! It's a worth listening song! It feels so bluee and if you don't understand the lyrics, it feels relaxing listening to it, and it doesn't feel much of sorrowfulness. ;) YOU LIKE IT! *giggles*

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