Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Today while I was walking back to my house from college, I was thinking to save as much as possible for this month and possibly next month (coz Malaysia Mega Sales is just next month! yeeeppeeee) just to buy me a birthday dress, shoes, cosmetics and whatever stuff just to make me SHINE on my birthday! =D

So, I decided to blog or as a a reminder to MYSELF SAVE WHILE YOU SPEND!

Save while you spend it's not difficult. As long as you have the determination of saving money for your "wanted list" stuff, you will succeed without fail! =DD

In Malaysia, there're few months that most shopping malls having MEGA SALES!

That would be, March, August (simply because it's to celebrate Malaysia's National Day ~.~), and November, because it's towards the end of year, so businesses would want to clear all the products by having promotions! Woots.. =DD

It's February now, so you can start saving money or with your angpao money get ready for the March Mega Sales! Then, after March, you can start saving money again for the next MEGA SALES! And, in between these periods, PLEASE control yourself from buying. But, human can't resist to temptations right, so you might wanna buy some stuff that you like and would die if you don't buy it, so okay, just grab it and own it. =) It's okay, once a while. But then, not EVERYTIME! Remember this!

This is also to REMIND me not to buy unnecessary stuff! Every time when I buy, then I don't use the it I will throw them aside, and the items are like piling up and it eventually becomes a mountain. I think most of you all experience this. T___T And, no matter how big is the room, with my stuff piling up or scattered here and there, the room get smaller and smaller visually. And to some extent, I will experience like this (picture below) one day. ~.~

Online shopping is so popular now. Does this mean that people are getting lazier and lazier? Hmm. It doesn't really related. It somehow more convenient shopping online when you found out that you are lazy to go out yet you still wanna shop or window shopping. ~.~ Plus, when you do online shopping, you will get maybe cheaper price than the market price. I wouldn't say SURE get cheaper price, but maybe. =) It is because the people who do online businesses, they do no have to pay for the shop rental. So, they will sell the stuff for lower rate. But, they will charge for the shipping fee. Every thing has its pros and corns, just that you need to decide which is better for you. ;)
There are a lot of online shops now. But, you have to choose wisely and take time to read the customers' review about the online shop. =) Be a wise customers.

These are the 3 ideas I wanna share with you guys on how to save while spending. =) I hope my ideas work on me. T___T Coz I really wanna SHINE on my birthday. *chuckles*

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