Monday, February 27, 2012


Well, D does not mean that I fail! It means I passed the subject with flying colours!! GOSH!! This is my second time I got a D for my course subjects. =DD YEAH!

This paper was actually quite easy. Not that I'm being cocky, just that the paper was simply easy because it related to computer system alot.

But, in the other hand, I scared that I might fail this subject too. I did not badly but not very good in the final exam. Some question, I just simply tembak and wrote all I can, scribble nonsence. Plus, I lack of confidence. This is bad part of me. :(((

But, luckily I made through it!! I checked my result when I was having a class, before the lecturer came in. After I checked my result, my hand was still shaking and I was so so so so happy till I couldn't concentrate. And, now after class, I straight ran to computer lab and write this blog post! *while waiting for my ji mui to finish her last class. so kind of me! ^__________^*

So, faster go to my facebook's wall and congratz me!! =DD

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