Saturday, February 25, 2012


I'm going to share to you about Instax film in this blog post! =D My favourite instant film camera!

I found this when I browsed through some of the Facebook fan page!
Varieties of instant film!! *happy!*
Yeong's Instanx Shop is actually located in Johor Bahru I think, I'm not sure about this, but you can order their products online, and they will courier it to your doorstep. ;) How convenient it is!! *chuckles*

And I didn't know that they even sell varieties of instant film in their shop!! And, the most important thing is the films are cheaper than the place I bought my instant film!! For example, I've bought once Hello Kitty instant film, it cost me RM45!! And, Yeong's Instanx Shop sells the Hello Kitty instant film at only RM31!! If with postage, it is still way way way way cheaper than RM45!! SO WORTH right!! *WIDE SMILE ^^*

This page is like heaven for me! =DD They also sell instant film camera, that's called Polaroid. =)) I think they are selling cheaper price or no. I don't know. My instant film camera is a second-hand one, so my friend bought for me at a lower price. =)))) I LOVE IT!! Although it's not pink in colour, I still LOVE ITTT!!

If you wanna find out more, please go LIKE their FB fanpage>>>> Yeong's Instanx Shop! =DD

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