Wednesday, February 22, 2012


This is my hair length now:
Date: 17/2/2012
The picture was taken on 17/2/2012. That was my 2012 sem 1 year 2 tutorial sign up date! So, I remembered the date clearly! And, it was the day me and my ji mui first time visited  Delicious.

Xiaxue mentioned in her blog that she uses 4 years to keep her hair long until her butt-length! OH MAI! So, I've given myself a challenge. =DD *jiak ba boh tai zhi zo*

Since, Xiaxue has used 4 years to not cut her hair until she achieved her dream to have butt-length hair, so I'm going to do the same. =D I wanna see that my 4 years for not cutting hair result would be as I expected (butt-length hair) or not. Teedeeeeee.. *yaominglaugh.jpg*

But, seriously, from young, ehem, i mean small, i really really really wanted to have long long i mean reallyyy long hair. But, often when my hair started not to grow fast, I tend to trim it. This time no matter what, I've to stop myself thinking of cutting hair! NOT EVEN TRIM! NO NO NO! (except for fringe) And, let's see what will happen after 4 years. =DD OH MAI!

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